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Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark’s viral breakfast that people still can’t believe she had everyday in college

You would think athletes would eat many vegetables and healthy food but the young rookie had it all figured it out

Professional life is very different from the one a player used to live while in college. Of course, there is the academic side of it and other responsibilities, but habits and new activities can also come into play.

That is what is happening with rookie WNBA sensation Caitlin Clark. She was accustomed to doing certain things in Iowa but after being drafted by the Indiana Fever with the number one overall pick in the draft, things started to change.

During ESPN’s “Full Court Press” documentary that was released earlier this month, everyone can have a small taste of what Clark’s old life was. In a recent interview with Hannah Bier, the producer of the documentary, she talked about spending time with the star basketball player and how it was for her to see Clark in her normal habitat.

Bier said she bought Clark breakfast, and something stud out every time. Caitlin always ordered the same thing to start her day.

What di Caitlin Clark order and from where?

Hannah Bier and Caitlin Clark would go to a fast-food restaurant every day and the former NCAA star would order a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. But that was not it. She would request an iced macchiato with vanilla sweet cream cold foam from Starbucks.

One would think an athlete of Caitlin Clark’s caliber would eat that specific meal, with calories all over the place and tuns of sugar each day, but then again, she burned everything while giving it all on the court, not only in games, also during practice.

It is yet to be seen if in her new and professional life, she eats more ‘greens’ taking in hand the fact that the WNBA is more demanding than the NCAA.


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