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BREAKING NEWS: WWE Announcer Says Their Contract Is Coming Up.

WWE Announcer: “Pretty Soon” Their Contract Will Be Up for Renewal

The WWE contract situation expands beyond the in-ring performers.

Contracts have become a major talking point in the wrestling world throughout 2024 and have increased further in recent weeks following news breaking that Becky Lynch had chosen to take an “extended absence”, Ricochet had chosen not to re-sign and has been effectively written off TV and Chad Gable is still yet to commit to a new deal. While this is set to continue throughout the year as more and more wrestlers from multipole contracts consider their future, an announcer has also revealed that they are nearing the end of their deal.

Appearing alongside Vic Joseph in 2022, Booker T has provided commentary on NXT each week with a couple of exceptions due to undergoing a medical procedure. Speaking with Going Ringside With The Local Station, the 2-time Hall of Famer discussed his time on the brand and made a brief reference to his contract:

I think it’s about having fun more than anything. Wrestling, especially the NXT brand, if you’re watching it and if you’re listening to me and we’re having fun, we’re winning, and I think right now, NXT is hot. Everybody is geared to going out and performing and performing to try to make it to that next level and if I can have any part in these guys making it to the next level, I’ma have some fun. Contract should be coming up here pretty soon and you know, like Sexyy Red, shake it real fast, get a little more (he laughed).

Booker T Looks Back On Surprise WWE Appearance

With stars making appearances from the main roster and even from outside promotions, NXT has become one of the most unpredictable shows each week due to the surprise factor and Shawn Michaels being able to keep unannounced appearances under wraps. When discussing a previous appearance on his podcast, Booker T described it as “a shock.”

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